Pamela Moulton’s work-in-progress, ‘The Forest,’ is temporarily open to guests

Pamela Moulton’s work-in-progress, “The Forest” installation.

Artist in residence Pamela Moulton is opening the SPEEDWELL gallery, so people can experience her installation “The Forest” in progress.

“The Forest” is an interactive, multi-sensory installation that will continue to evolve throughout Moulton’s residency.

Wearing festive green or blue is encouraged.

There will be a maker’s table where visitors can fabricate elements

to integrate into the whimsical environment.

Guests will be asked to leave their shoes at the door to minimize the tracking of snow and winter weather into the installation.

Masks are required, sanitizer and gloves will be available in the gallery, and the gallery will be limited to five guests at a time.

Hours are 3 to 6 p.m. Dec. 27 through Jan. 5.

SPEEDWELL, at 630 Forest Ave., Portand, is an artist-run nonprofit gallery dedicated to supporting the work of mid- to late-career women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC artists. All programming is free. The gallery relies on donations and grants to keep the doors open and events happening. Learn more at, or call 207-805-1835.

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