Full Fathom Five Gallery will open to visitors in May

Piece by Olga Merrill.

Full Fathom Five Gallery is getting ready for visitors in May and will introduce new artists as well as showcase work from all it artists.

Three new artists are Christina Thwaites, Olga Merrill and Sandra Leinonen Dunn.

Christina Thwaites is a British painter, based in Orono.

Christina Thwaites

“My work explores the places and faces around me — familiar and banal subject matter but relevant,” Thwaites says. “The context and location of where I reside at the time is reflected, and having moved a lot, my practice has been a means of connecting myself to location and people.”

View paintings by Thwaites at https://www.fullfathomfivegallery.com/christina-thwaites.

Olga Merrill is a visual artist primarily using the medium of photography. Photography was a hobby for her father, and she remembers the smell of chemicals from being with him in his darkroom. Who knew that after more than 35 years from her first brief touch of photography, she would become an artist, and visual art started playing a significant role in her life.

“I hardly recognize myself as a photographer,” she says. “I use photography as a tool — like an instrument to make music or a brush for painting — to create an image of my vision, with a dreamy and indirect relationship to external reality.”

View prints by Merrill at https://www.fullfathomfivegallery.com/olga-merrill.

Sandra Leinonen Dunn

Sandra Leinonen Dunn is a traditional painter working mainly in oils.  

“Painting for me is like mediation,” she says. “When I am working on a subject, I am in my right brain, where logic and words do not exist, where the world becomes only nameless shapes and infinite shades of color. The more I look at my subject, the more I see. This is what fascinates me.”

View paintings by Leinonen Dunn at https://www.fullfathomfivegallery.com/sandra-leinonen-dunn.

Learn more at https://www.fullfathomfivegallery.com.

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