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Russell D’Alessio reopens his gallery

Russell D’Alessio

Artist Russell D’Alessio is showing paintings, drawings, and graphics at his gallery in Bar Harbor, which is now reopened.

Hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Commissions are now being accepted. See for details.

D’Alessio Gallery is at 12 Mount Desert St., Bar Harbor. Go to, call 207-351-5450, or email for more information.

D’Alessio Gallery Opens for the Season

Bold and colorful paintings, drawings and graphics by Russ D’Alessio are on exhibit at D’Alessio Gallery, 12 Mount Desert St., Bar Harbor. His “New Rules” paintings depict our “new normal” due to COVID-19.

Operations including shows will continue, although mostly online and with pre-arranged, in-person appointments. Shipping is free on online orders.

For more information, go to, or call 207-351-5450.

New Works at D’Alessio Gallery

Join D’Alessio Gallery during Bar Harbor’s Art Walk on October 4th from 6-9pm and see how Gustav Klimt’s works have influenced Russell’s multi-media works on paper or canvas with india ink, acrylic, gold leaf and gold dust.

Chocolates & Spirits served.

“A self-expression of colors, concepts, & textures using a collection of my photographs, paintings, drawings, thoughts, and impressions. I have entwined technology with my traditional media of acrylic, collage, and ink drawings and I then transcend these original images beyond their origin to be viewed in a new dimension.

Frequently I find myself adding silver leaf, copper leaf, gold leaf or gold dust. On several works I have added bits of inspiration from the painter Gustav Klimt. Multiple, multiple layers later, these works are created on canvas, or fine papers. All are archival originals.” 

Artist Russell D’Alessio

New Works at D’Alessio Gallery

“Joy with Butterflies” original multi media india ink, acrylic, gold dust & gold leaf on canvas 36″ x 24″

I am frequently asked “how long it takes for Russ to paint a piece?” My answer is always the same, sometimes a piece is created in a day or two, sometimes they are in the studio a year or more. It depends on how the story is playing out for him as he goes back and forth between many canvases as it all unfolds.

Not often, but sometimes Russ will come to the gallery and take a painting off the wall and bring it back to the studio to finish. I know you are thinking if it is hanging on the wall in the gallery it is finished, yes, that is what I also believe, sometimes, just sometimes that piece is speaking to him to continue that story one step further. This happened a few weeks ago with “Incognito.”

If you have been in the gallery recently you may have seen this work hanging and perhaps thought like me it was wonderful…13 friends strutting their style. Russ adding more of his artistic flair has made it  fantastic! The addition of gold leaf and gold dust in the background plus color shifts in their attire make you feel like the women are strutting right off the canvas. Three years later, it is finished. For me, I want to know what the pink bird knows? 

D’Alessio Gallery is located at 12 Mt. Desert St. in Bar Harbor, Maine

D’Alessio Gallery Hosts “Eden: a 50-year Retrospective”


D’Alessio Gallery in Bar Harbor will host an art opening on August 2 celebrating 50 years of art by local artist Russell D’Alessio. The opening will be held from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at D’Alessio Gallery, 12 Mt. Desert St., Bar Harbor and will include a reunion of the “The Anderson Brothers,” a local Bar Harbor band in the 70’s, champagne and hors d’oeuvres.

The event kicks off the exhibition Eden: A Retrospective, documenting five decades of artistic evolution for the colorful painter, beginning with his art school days. D’Alessio’s journey as a Maine artist began when he was inspired by his first visit to Bar Harbor while still a student in 1969. Enchanted by the beauty of the area, he and wife Linda D’Alessio relocated to Mount Desert Island in 1974.

In ‘88 the couple settled into their new home and studio in Dedham Maine.  The view from their perch on Button hill was over the setting moon. This inspired the new studio’s name, Over the Moon Studios.


Over the Moon Studios opened its first store in Bar Harbor in 1989, 30 years ago.  The following year the gallery was renamed Pretty Marsh Gallery featuring and featured Over the Moon Studio products and Russ’s fine art including paintings, carvings, and graphics.

Linda says,it has been an amazing journey for the both of us.” Ten years ago, the artistic journey continued with a move to Mt. Desert Street and a name change to D’Alessio Gallery. Today, D’Alessio is known for his paintings, frequently of women, featuring playfully bold fields of color and spontaneous brushstrokes. His worksoften whimsical, sometimes more serious and politicalhave enchanted decades of gallery visitors and collectors. Reflecting on the connections he creates through his art, D’Alessio says, “I am creating a world, an expression of myself, that extends to other people. Collectors first see the color, which brings a smile to their faces; then they realize there is content to it and they connect. It becomes part of them.”

The opening and exhibition celebration of 50 years of continuous evolution that includes not only paintings but also mixed media, collage, sculpture, and prints. “Like any true artist,” Linda D’Alessio says, Russell D’Alessiois “always creating, always moving forward. It will be exciting to see what the next 50 years will bring!

Show runs through August 5th in the gallery – online through August 31st –

About D’Alessio Gallery: D’Alessio Gallery, owned by local artist Russell D’Alessio connects visitors and collectors to the colorful expressionist paintings of this Bar Harbor artist. The gallery features revolving shows of his works and those of guest artists and is open daily from mid-May to mid-October and online at

New Works by Russell D’Alessio

A Walk Into Spring 2

Russell describes the means to the end of the pieces, “I begin with a drawing, most of the time a woman then overlaid on a background of textures that contain bits of photographs I have taken along the way on our travels.  I then add layers of paint, sometimes also adding  silver leaf, gold leaf, copper leaf, or india ink, sometime a spray of silver glitter and sometimes an additional layer of gold leaf to be-jewel. To several of the works I have added bits of inspiration from the painter Gustav Klimt but each painting itself is composed of many layers.”
These original works are available on the website at

Tis’ the Season at D’Alessio Studio

Russell D’Alessio, Garden Night


Russell D’Alessio, Fortune Teller with Rose Colored Glasses


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, on and on…time for a break, relax, take a zen moment and enjoy some art! The gallery is closed for the season but all works are available online at  

New Work By Russell D’Alessio + First Friday Art Walk in Bar Harbor

“THE GOLDEN ERA” by Russell D’Alessio
These mixed media pieces comprised of india ink, acrylic, and gold leaf on paper or canvas are “what’s happening”  in the studio these days.  While visiting earlier this week I saw several pieces in their early stages that will soon come to fruition.  As always, I find Russ’s continual creativity full of surprises. Enjoy these new works and I promise more to follow.  If you are in town October 5th come visit us at D’Alessio Gallery during the Art Walk, from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. otherwise, you will find these works on line.

Russell D’Alessio “The Golden Bunny”


Russell D’Alessio “What Are They Talking About”

During the Art Walk meet three local artists at D’Alessio Gallery and experience their talents. Suzanne Anderson, of Yikes Studio, Dedham, ME bringing her casual contemporary vitreous enamel jewelry, art inspired by the Maine woods.  Lucy Tracy, of Bar Harbor, fiber artist showing her beautiful handwoven pieces entwined with various fabrics creating wearable art and of course artist, Russell D’Alessio, painter. 

Russel D’Alessio “Loose Shoe”

Russ has told me he has something special to unveil at Art Walk…one never knows where his creativity takes him.  I can’t wait to see, be sure to join us!  Plus, foot stompin’ music with Willy Kelly & Marilyn Ryan.  Spirits and of course cake served. 
To review all works visit the website:

Mount Desert Island Directions Fine Craft Show returns to MDI High School

Forged stainless and copper ladles by new Guild member Erica Moody | Waldoboro, Maine

Forged stainless and copper ladles by new Guild member Erica Moody | Waldoboro, Maine

Maine Crafts Guild artisans will once again show their fine craft in wood, metal, fiber, clay, glass and mixed media at the MDI High School, July 27-29, 2018. The Mount Desert Island Directions Fine Craft Show is in its 43rd season.

Together with the Guild’s established member artisans, new member Erica Moody of Waldoboro, Maine will exhibit her kitchen wares and tools, created with traditional metalworking and jewelry techniques. Moody’s work has been featured in Bon Appétit and Bake from Scratch magazines.

Guild artisan and jeweler, Stephani Briggs of Blue Hill, Maine will exhibit her refined jewelry designs, handcrafted in gold and hand-selected gemstones. A luxury jeweler, Briggs creates one-of-a-kind and bespoke pieces with time-honored techniques and hand-brushed finishing.

Returning Guild members include woodworker Tom Dahlke of Bath, Maine and jeweler Maggie Bokor of Topsham, Maine. First time, juried, exhibitors at the Directions show include; Suzanne Anderson of Yikes Studio Enamels (jewelry), Kreg McCune of Kreg McCune Pottery and Meg Walsh of C&M Ceramics.

New this year, the Wendell Gilley Museum of Southwest Harbor, Maine will have a booth presence as the Guild’s inaugural Community Partner, while Sassafrass Catering will offer refreshments for purchase at the cafe.

Attendees of the show will shop for unique, handcrafted objects inside the MDI High School gymnasium. Fine craft in wood, metal, fiber, clay, glass and mixed media will be shown at the 43rd Annual Mount Desert Island Directions Fine Craft Show – July 27, 28 & 29, 2018. Fri. 5-8pm, Sat. 10am-5pm & Sun. 10am-4pm. Admission $5; under 18 free. MDI High School |1081 Eagle Lake Road | Bar Harbor, Maine. For more information, please email: or call 401-935-6704.


Maine Crafts Guild MDI Directions Fine Craft Show – 43rd Annual

MDI High School

1081 Eagle Lake Road, Bar Harbor, Maine

Friday, July 27: 5-8pm

Saturday, July 28:10am-5pm

Sunday, July 29: 10am-4pm

Admission $5 adults; under 18 free

“We Are One” At the Gallery At Somes Sound

Serena Bates, "Dreamer", Limestone

Serena Bates, “Dreamer”, Limestone

Et In Spiritum …
(The Spirit Within)
June 29 – September 28

Please join us as we discover what motivates these talented artists –
creatively, emotionally, spiritually.

Opening Reception Friday, June 29th, 4 – 6 pm

Sarah Seabury Ward, "Owl", Bronze

Sarah Seabury Ward, “Owl”, Bronze

We Are One …
June 29 – July 13

Sculptors Serena Bates and Sarah Seabury Ward

The Gallery At Somes Sound