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The Green Lion Gallery Opens for Adam Antonio Montoya and Carter Shappy: ‘ANALOGOUS FORMS’

Carter Shappy Title: Dec. 6, 2019, #1 Dims: Approx. 6” x 7.5” Medium: viscosity monotype


Adam Montoya and Carter Shappy grew up and studied art on opposite sides of the country, but both are prolific, accomplished  young artists and printmakers now working only a little ways apart in Maine. Their work springs from intense observation and immersive interaction with the natural world around them, but with visions and techniques quite different from those most of us are familiar with.  The Green Lion Gallery is delighted to announce a show of their work, opening on Friday, February 14.


Carter Shappy Ttile: Dec. 8, 2019 #1 Dims: Approx. 7.5” x 7.5” Medium: viscosity monotype


Carter Shappy is a printmaker, installation artist and Vermont native currently living in Portland where he received his BFA from the Maine College of Art.  He is the print shop manager at Running with Scissors Artist Studios in East Bayside where his own studio is also situated. In 2016 he was the co-producer and first-ever participant in a collaborative art and science residency at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences in East Boothbay.  For four months he worked closely with Senior Research Scientist Dr. Steve Archer translating Archer’s research on ocean acidification and gas exchange into a two-story printed installation. The installation, Colorcosm, has been on view at the laboratory headquarters since July, 2016.  


Adam Antonio Montoya Drum Mountain (Lapis) 2015 22″x22″ Stone/Photo Lithograph


Shappy’s work is inspired by his interests in natural phenomena, perception, psychedelia, and everyday, mundane experience. Working in a variety of media, he is frequently drawn to intersections in printmaking, painting and sculpture.  Shappy says of his recent work:

“I’ve always been interested in the idea of the fractal, not just as an abstract, mathematical expression, but a methodological and visual expression as well.  How do I create body of work that’s devised from a fractal-like process? Coincidentally, these new works, which sprout from a random discovery at the printing press, encapsulate both the ubiquity of fractals as represented, in plain sight, all throughout our world—and as represented in the way we perceive that world, the way we think, and in this case, the way we make art.”

Adam Antonio Montoya was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, surrounded by the vistas, stories, and histories of the American Southwest.  During and after his BFA and MFA negrees, he was fascinated by exploring the oddities, subtleties and grandeur of the desert landscape in the West.  More recently, he has migrated to the coast of Maine and, as a new Maine resident, quickly found a home among the printmakers at Circling the Square Press in Gardiner.  He says:

 “One of my favorite things about the printmaking community is being part of such a friendly, generous, and like-minded group of artists and makers wherever you go. This is especially true here, and I’m eager to connect with the vibrant community throughout the region.

 “My hope for this exhibition, at the Green LIon, is to see how my work, created about and alongside the Great Basin and Sonoran deserts of the Southwest, speaks to the place and residents of Coastal Maine. My experiences with and within my ancestral land are in many ways represented in these prints and I am excited to share and compare those moments as a relative newcomer to this landscape.

 “It is a privilege to show alongside Carter, whose work I’ve admired from afar since arriving here. I feel a kinship within our work and am excited to see that play out in this exhibition. There’s a quiet confrontation and lingering on form, mystery, and process present in both of our work that comes with making art through prints.”



Adam Antonio Montoya Basin and Range IV 2017 24″x24″ 4C UV Inks on Enameled Aluminum


Montoya received his BFA degree in Printmaking from the University of Utah and an MFA from Arizona State University.   His work has been exhibited in many places, including printmaking exhibitions in Chihuahua, Mexico; Hangzhou, China; Tokyo, Japan; Dundee, Scotland – and now at the Green Lion.

There will be an opening reception for the artists at the Green Lion, 104 Front St, Bath, on Friday, February 14 from 5 til 7 pm.  The show will be on display through March 20, 2020.

Roux and Cyr International Fine Art Gallery Features Judith Schuppien

Windy Pitch Pond

Judith Schuppien is the featured artist for February at Roux and Cyr International Fine Art Gallery, 48 Free Street in Portland.


Owls Head Beach


Judith grew up “way Downeast,” in Milbridge, a small coastal town in Washington County. She won a scholarship to the University of Chicago, where she earned a BFA, and later an MBA. Her loose, expressive oil paintings, often bold and colorful, present familiar subjects in a fresh and interesting way. In her travels, she keeps an eye out for the occasional odd juxtaposition, an unusual point of view, and always, an emotional connection.


Isle au Haut


Late this spring, Judith will be relocating from Pittston, Maine, to the Harding Road in Brunswick, where she plans to have her new home studio open by mid-summer.

Speedwell Projects Presents: PARALLAX | Deborah Klotz

Untitled (installation detail), 2020 Poured abaca handmade paper and spruce 26″x26″x6″

SPEEDWELL projects winter artist-in-resident, Deborah Klotz, will exhibit new works in the upcoming exhibition PARALLAX (object+-subject) (expand+-compress).

The exhibit will be on view from February 6, 2020 – March 7, 2020 in Portland. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, February 15th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. On Sunday, March 1st at 4 pm Deborah will be in conversation with artists Katarina Weslien and Jan Piribeck. Extended hours for First Friday Art Walk – Friday, February 7 and Friday, March 6.

Deborah Klotz is an object and image-maker who explores the process by responding to a sequence: object/response/action/repeat. Her work in the upcoming solo show is a visual and material dialogue with the practice and concept of “drawing”: inverting and torquing hierarchies of subject and surface, form and image, material and intent/expectation, object scale and visual /conceptual weight. Working with both physical objects, (cast paper drawings, large scale image transfers, magnetically charged skins of paper, and compressed sculptural shapes), as well as ephemeral states of shifting light, air currents, and wall/ floor/ object transitions, she invites traditional materials of paper, steel, and wood, to fuse with non-traditional techniques. The visual expanse we see as the landscape can be built by shifting how we see interior work. Attention to the ground, to close observation and material sensation is invited with copper floor formats and silkscreened “carpets” on concrete.

PARALLAX (object+-subject) (expand+-compress) features iron prints, compressed and expanded cast fiber structures, copper and steel woven lace surfaces, roots and wood wheels with veils of poured pulp, as well as an excerpt from a large scale installation of imaged objects which fused digital and analog texture, “Fungus on Spineboards” (last shown at the Decordova Museum at the seminal show “The Computer in the Studio” c1995.) Deborah’s new works respond to the more ancestral sculptural presence of a time-shifted yet persistent narrative of the Spineboards.

CRAFT Opens for “Curator’s Choice”

“Slice of Life”, charcoal drawing by Lissa Hunter

“Curator’s Choice” opens at CRAFT Gallery, finishing the 2019 season with a selection of the finest work by gallery artists. Included are select pieces from the ZEN show and new work chosen by CRAFT owner and curator Barbara Michelena. Her choices are based on visual beauty, spiritual uplift and excellence of craftsmanship. 

Included in the show is “Slice of Life” a charcoal drawing by Lissa Hunter recently exhibited in her curated “Darkness and the Light” show at ICA in Portland. It embodies the experience of living, tracing the fading of light as a metaphor for life’s journey. 

Lynn Duryea, Joe Hemes and Jan Owen, whose work is in the “Darkness and the Light “ show  are also in “Curator’s Choice”. Tim Van Campen’s “Moon”, a computer generated panel on aluminum illustrates stillness, meditation and the power the artist has in expressing the spirit of Zen philosophy.

The October 4th opening coincides with Maine Craft Weekend, American Craft Week and Rockland’s First Friday Art Walk. CRAFT is located in the courtyard at 12 Elm Street in Rockland. FMI call 207 594 0167 and visit CRAFT Gallery is proud to be part of Rockland, the Art Capital of Maine.

Art Space Gallery Opens for “Fall Colors”

“Blueberry Track” Mary Beth Morrison pastel

Art Space Gallery invites the public to Arts in Rockland First Friday Art Walk on October 4th, from 5-8pm. A member show, “Fall Colors,” is featured in the front gallery. Join us for wine and refreshments and meet our artists. Our Gift Nook has small artworks and fine crafts, cards and other items made by our artists.

“Peace Meal Farm“ John Wood oil

Art Space Gallery at 405 Main Street in Rockland features art and fine craft by fourteen artists in various media. October hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM to 5 PM. Visit or like us on Facebook.

Art Space Gallery to participate in First Friday Art Walk Rockland

Roger Barry, Carved Reliquary


Ann Rhinehardt, Encaustic


Sandra Dunn, Oil


Art Space Gallery to participate in First Friday Art Walk Rockland, Sept 6.

Art Space Gallery Hosts Artists Reception at First Friday

Art Space Gallery, located at 405 Main St in Rockland, invites the public to “Arts in Rockland” First Friday art walk, 5-8 p.m. on July 5 for wine, refreshments and to meet our artists. Featured are the works of Laurie Bellmore, Mary Beth Morrison, Joan Wright and Janalee Welch.

Laurie Lofman Bellmore, from mid-coast Maine reflects her passion for seafaring and farming communities in her silverwork, vitreous enamel jewelry, watercolor and acrylic coastal scenes. Mary Beth Morrison, from New Sharon paints in soft pastels the impression and texture of places she has seen and loved in Maine’s great land and seascapes. Photographer Joan Wright captures water images, unique, unexpected and spiritual, such as fish weirs stunningly brought into relief in varied lights. Janalee Welch of Belfast, presents her fresh passion for printmaking, where she records her love of nature in monoprint and linocut.

Dowling Walsh Gallery Hosts Three Exhibitions in the Month of August

Bo Bartlett, NutMan (Unemployed Worker at The Old Tom’s Peanuts Factory Silos), 2019, Gouache on Arches Aquarelle Hot-Pressed paper, 22″ x 30″


Dowling Walsh Gallery will host three exhibitions in the month of August: Bo Bartlett, Eric Green, and Aaron T Stephan. Opening Friday, August 2nd from 5-8pm in conjunction with Rockland First Friday Art Walk. Dowling Walsh Gallery is located at 365 Main Street in Rockland, Maine, directly across from the Farnsworth Art Museum. Gallery Hours, Tuesday through Saturday from 10am – 5pm, and by appointment on Sunday and Monday. For more information, visit us online at  or call 207-596-0084

Bo Bartlett was born in Columbus, Georgia in 1955. He received his Certificate of Fine Arts in 1981 from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

He has had numerous solo exhibitions nationally and internationally. Recent solo exhibitions include Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, GA; The University of Mississippi Museum, Oxford, MS; “Love and Other Sacraments,” “Paintings of Home,” Ilges Gallery, Columbus State University, Columbus, GA; “A Survey of Paintings,” W.C. Bradley Co. Museum, Columbus, GA; “Paintings of Home,” PPOW Gallery, New York, NY; and “Bo Bartlett,” Ogden Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA. He had a solo exhibition at Ameringer McEnery Yohe, New York, NY in 2016.

Recent group exhibitions include “American Masters,” Somerville Manning Gallery, Greenville, DE; “The Philadelphia Story,” Asheville Art Museum, Asheville, NC; “The Outwin Boochever 2013 Portrait Competition Exhibition,” Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC; “Best of the Northwest: Selected Paintings from the Permanent Collection,” Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA; “Perception of Self,” Forum Gallery, New York, NY; “Real: Realism in Diverse Media, Imago Galleries, Palm Desert, CA; “Thriving in Seattle: A Retrospective,” GAGE Academy of Art, Seattle WA; “private (dis)play,” New York Academy of Art, New York, NY; “Figure as Narrative,” Columbus State University, Columbus, GA; “Solemn & Sublime: Contemporary American Figure Painting,” Akus Gallery, Eastern CT State University, Willimantic, CT; Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA, “private(dis)play,” Center of Creative Arts, St. Louis, MO; and “Five Artists of Accomplishment from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

His work may be found in the permanent collections of the Greenville County Museum of Art, Greenville, SC; La Salle University Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA; Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA; Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Loretto, PA; Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA; McCornick Place Metropolis Pier and Exposition Authority, South Hall, Chicago, IL; United States Mint, Philadelphia, PA; Academy of Music, Philadelphia, PA; Office of the Governor, Harrisburg, PA; Curtis Institute, Philadelphia, PA; Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA; Hunter Museum of American Art; Chattanooga, TN; Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, GA; Denver Museum of Art, Denver, CO; and Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA.

Bartlett is the recipient of the PEW Fellowship in the Arts, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Award; Museum Merit Award, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, GA; William Emlen Cresson Traveling Scholarship, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA; Charles Toppan Prize, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA; and Packard Prize, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA.

Bo Bartlett lives and works in Columbus, GA and lives seasonally in Maine.


Eric Green, Flowers for Mary #2, Pencil on panel with Acrylic Wash, 18″ x 16″


Eric Green was born in Gorham, New Hampshire in 1956. Green was offered a full scholarship to the RISD at the age of sixteen. After attending the school for a week, he left to ride freights across the country, spending four years on the road.

In addition to painting for thirty years, he has worked in a frame shop, assembled pulp testers, traveled with a carnival, restored houses, painted industrial buildings from a hanging scaffold, designed two labels for Brazilian beers, written six novels, five books of poems, and a syndicated award-winning column for five Maine papers. 

Green has had several solo exhibitions, including those at: Dowling Walsh Gallery, Rockland, Maine; Ameringer McEnery Yohe, New York, NY; Gallery Henoch, New York, NY; and Haley and Steele, Boston, MA. Upcoming solo show at Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts, Binghamton, NY.

Recent group exhibitions include: “Small Works,” Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, New York, NY; Portland Museum Biennial, Portland, ME; “Realism in 20th Century American Painting,” Ogunquit Museum of American Art, Ogunquit, ME; “171st Annual Exhibition,” National Academy of Design, New York, NY; Brattleboro Museum, Brattleboro, Vermont; Robert Hull Fleming Museum, Burlington, Vermont: and the Portland Museum. “Art from the Driver’s Seat: Americans and Their Cars,” curated by Cara Sutherland. Traveling to: Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington MA; Boise Art Museum, Boise, ID; Tarble Arts Center, Eastern Illinois State University, Charleston, IL; Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Kalamazoo, MI; Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, NY; Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI; Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, TN; Flint Institute of the Arts, Flint, MI; Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, AL; The Columbus Museum, Columbus, GA; and Galerie Bernard DesRoches, Montreal, Quebec.

Green is the recipient of the National Academy of Design Merit Award and three Vermont Council Arts Fellowships.

Eric Green lives and works in Belfast, ME.


Aaron T Stephan, Scaled Blocks, 2019, Cement, Variable Dimensions


Aaron T Stephan is an artist living and working in Portland, Maine. His work presents a wry look at the world around him – focusing on complex web of information carried by everyday materials and objects. His work has taken form as a twenty-foot high table and chairs, a shelter made entirely of books, and a series of drawings reproducing iconic artworks ad infinitum

Stephan’s work has been featured at venues across the U.S. including DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Samson Projects, The Portland Museum of Art, John Michael Kohler Art Center, California Center for the Arts, Farnsworth Art Museum, Weitz Center at Carlton College, Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA, DUMBO Center for the Arts, Troy Arts Center, University of Maine Museum of Art, Quint Contemporary, and Albany Airport Gallery.

Stephan has completed public commissions at multiple sites in Maine including Westbrook, Jackman, Dover-Foxcroft, Belfast, Jefferson, Lewiston, Lisbon, Biddeford, and Portland. In addition, he has completed public commissions at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester (NH), Music City Center in Nashville (TN), Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis (IN), Fire Station 45 in Clearwater (FL), Texas Tech University in Lubbock (TX), Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City (UT), and the RTD Gold Strike Station, Arvada (CO).

This body of work, Intermediate Submittal, begins with the common concrete block.  The entire shape of a block is dictated by function. These works extract beauty from this mundane form through simple alterations of its prescribed scale, medium, and context.  Through these often slight and subtle changes, the works speak to a range of cultural ideas from America’s troubled history of individualism to contemporary issues of masculinity.  In this, the fundamental relationship between facade and structure is stretched, pushed, and broken while exploring the importance of this building block in our everyday lives.

New Exhibitions on View at Caldbeck Gallery

Caldbeck Gallery in Rockland showcases three artists.  Opening Reception on First Friday, July 5, 5-8pm. The show runs from July 2 – 27.


BROAD COVE ON A CLOUDY DAY 2014 oil on masonite 12 x 13 1/2 inches Photo Credit: Dave Clough Photography

LOIS DODD  Selected Paintings “Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine”

In Lois Dodd’s exhibit, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, the oil on panel paintings

measure in the range of 12 x 23 to 20 x 25 inches. A number were painted on the artist’s

various trips to Vermont and New Hampshire over the years, while the majority of the works

are Maine paintings, predominantly of subject matter found in her neighborhood of Cushing.

All are landscapes. Roberta Smith, renowned New York Times art reviewer, writes of Dodd’s

work, “…the paintings hold your attention. Many seem at first glance slightly unnerving:

awkward, brusque or even unfinished. While they seduce the eye with light and color, they

challenge it with an assortment of brush strokes, spatial complexities and compositional

quirks, teetering in different ways on the cusp between abstract and representational. Behind

their veneer of homey familiarity, these paintings are tough and unruly.” Dodd’s work has

received innumerable awards including an American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters

Purchase Prize. Her work is in the permanent collections of numerous museums throughout

the country. Dodd’s most recent major retrospective, Lois Dodd: Catching the Light, was

curated in 2012 by Barbara O’Brien for the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas

City, Missouri, and then traveled to the Portland Museum of Art in Maine in the winter of 2013.

Dodd’s work has been shown widely in NYC, and throughout the U.S., for more than 60 years.

This is her 12th solo show at the Caldbeck, where she has shown since 1985.


OCTOBER, EARLY MORNING 2018 oil on canvas 30 x 30 inches Photo Credit: Dave Clough Photography

MELANIE ESSEX  New Work “Above us only sky” 

After living and painting in the city of London, England for 22 years, Melanie Essex moved

back to the U.S. two years ago, settling in Cushing, Maine, where she had spent most of her

childhood summers. With a permanent studio now in Maine, she explains about her approach

to painting, “all of my work begins with looking at, and then responding to, the natural world.

Context is the important filter. Since moving to rural Maine, my subject matter has become

essentially more elemental than it was when I painted the London cityscape. Even though I’m

now focused on nature, the influence of the constructed world – culture, politics, community –

has proven inescapable”. Writer and critic, Katherine Bucknell, writes of Essex’s work, “Her

color resonances are subtle, intoxicating, profound. They can change the weather inside your

head!” The work in this show includes small canvases measuring 15 x 15 inches, as well as

several 30 x 30 inch canvases, and 2 canvases measuring 60 x 60 inches. The title of the show,

Only Sky Above Us, describes the subject matter of these new paintings, all produced in the past

year. Essex studied painting at the New York Studio School, and received a BA from Harvard

University, followed by studies in Belgium at the Institute National Superior des Arts. Her

work is collected widely on both sides of the Atlantic. This is Essex’s 3rd solo exhibit with the


ON BOARD GLADIATOR APPROACHING FRIENDSHIP LONG ISLAND 2019 oil on canvas mounted on aluminum 20 x 26 inches Photo Credit: Steve Morrison


SAM CADY  New Work “Here and There”

For Here and There, Sam Cady has selected a number works that show us that all things are

of interest to him. In an iconic, shaped canvas titled Beyer Ship Ledge, Early Morning, Cady

shares with us his love for the islands off the Coast of Maine, showing the viewpoint of a person

in a kayak, almost at water level. One might also imagine it to be the point of view of a seabird

or a seal. While 3 paintings are of Maine subjects, the exhibit includes some surprises from

other parts of the country, and the world. Exhibitions have taken place in NYC, Boston, Tokyo,

and Maine. A major exhibition, Parts of the Whole, was installed at the Center for Maine

Contemporary Art in Rockland ME in 2017. Many private and public collections include Cady’s

work. His first solo exhibit at the Caldbeck was in 1997.


Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11- 4, Sunday 1-4 207 594 5935

Art Space Gallery Showcases New Works at First Friday

Art Space Gallery will participate in “Arts in Rockland” first Friday art walk, July 5, 5-8pm, at 405 Main Street, Rockland with meet the artists, wine, and refreshments. Reception in the front room features new work by 4 of our artist members.  John Wood’s watercolor and oil landscapes and portraits complement one another with their subtle color tones and realistic depictions. Lara Max’s obsession with steel relief images captures the experience of painting. Before finishing the sculpture, she pulls prints from the image for a limited edition series.  Melissa Post van der Burg’s figurative oils tell the story of working life on the Maine coast. Leecia Price’s encaustics explore coastal Maine, reflecting her interest in surface texture, simplification, and mystery.

Art Space Gallery features works by fifteen artists in various media and genres. July hours – Monday – Saturday 10 -5; Sundays 11 – 2. For gallery news see, or like us on Facebook.


Contact: Lori Davis, president 207-491-1835;