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Waldoboro’s Back Cove Gallery presents Jean Kigel’s ‘The Year of the Ox’ exhibition

“The Year of the Ox,” by Jean Kigel.

Jean Kigel’s new Back Cove Gallery opens with a show of Asian brush paintings titled “The Year of the Ox.” This exhibit will take place online and at the gallery, located at 1396 Back Cove Road in Waldoboro, throughout March.

Over the past decades, Kigel’s Asian brush paintings have received an overwhelming response both locally and in Canada. Her work has been featured widely, including at Rockland’s Archipelago, Newburyport’s Walsingham Gallery, Brunswick’s Tao Yuan Restaurant, and on the covers of three magazines. Her brush style is a combination of Chinese and Japanese technique, which she studied during her travels to these two countries.

In response to Covid-19 stay-at-home orders, Kigel has spent much of the past year painting a series of loose, bold brush paintings. Her signature piece, “Year of the Ox,” strikes a chord in this pandemic period, as the ox is symbol of hope and health in China.

Other paintings depict flowers, animals, landscapes, fish and cityscapes, both framed and unframed. These paintings suggest, more than depict, her subjects.

Gallery hours are daily by chance or appointment. Learn more at, or call 832-5152.

‘Tools of the Trade’ at Jean Kigel Studio

New work by Jean Kigel.

Jean Kigel’s final biweekly virtual theme show for the season is called “Tools of the Trade.” If you are drawn to old stuff, you’ll appreciate this series of keepsakes.

The show runs Sept. 25 through Oct. 9.

Kigel has amassed personal artifacts for these paintings.  Appropriately, this collection starts with her favorite tools for Asian brush painting. Then, in tribute to her mother, it includes early home kitchen tools like a Mixmaster, an ice crusher and a baked bean pot. Other household tools, many of which she has used herself, are a candlestick telephone, a sad iron and clamp-on roller skates. In tribute to her machinist/ woodworking father, she created a series of bit braces, calipers and an eggbeater hand drill. Last but not least, are tools for the land and sea, like wooden blueberry baskets and decaying fish piers.

Discover this show both online at and in person, by appointment, at 1396 Back Cove Road in Waldoboro. Masks and social distancing are required. For more information, email, or call 832-5152.

‘Back Yard Hens’ at Jean Kigel Studio

“Broody,” by Jean Kigel.

From Aug. 21 to Sept. 4, Jean Kigel Studio returns with Kigel’s bird series, this time with oil paintings of backyard hens.

These paintings weigh in on the current impulse to provide for oneself as much as possible, by raising backyard hens for meat and eggs.

Having grown up on a poultry farm, Kigel found watching hens to be a Zen experience. Her paintings capture the nuances of hens as they posture, peck, and strut. These small oils convey the broodiness, compassion, perplexity, and majesty that hens are capable of.

Discover this show both online at and in person, by appointment, at 1396 Back Cove Road in Waldoboro.  Masks and social distancing are required. For more information, email, or call 832-5152.

‘The Sea Hypnotic’ at Kigel Studio

Jean Kigel

Jean Kigel Studio presents “The Sea Hypnotic,” Jean Kigel’s fourth theme show of the season. This is available for viewing in person at 1396 Back Cove Road in Waldoboro and virtually at from Aug. 7 to 21.

There’s something about water that draws us in and fascinates us. It creates peace and awe — and fear and exhilaration. It releases the stresses of everyday life. From Ishmael in “Moby Dick” to Maine summer rusticators, the sea captivates us.

Like many artists, Kigel has been captivated by the sights and sounds of the sea, and it’s made its way into her work.

Her paintings depict the edges and surfaces of the vast Atlantic, with its surging waves and its mirrored surfaces. Watercolors were her first and most-natural medium for painting this fluid substance. With watercolors, she loves to meld blues with purples and greens. With her Asian brush painting (another water-based media), water soaks into rice paper and spreads slowly softening edges of the sea with the shore. She also uses oils to create the geometric slashes of light and tide that cut the cove in front of her studio.

Visitors are welcome to stop in at Kigel Studio, following Maine’s CDC health guidelines. For more information, email or call 832-5152.

‘Boating in Maine for Work and for Pleasure’ Opens at Kigel Studio

“Shattered Light,” by Jean Kigel.

With watercolors, Jean Kigel captures realistically the old-time spirit of dories and sailboats in varying weather conditions. With oils, she paints in her newer style of geometric realism.

This month, the artist presents paintings of boats. “Boating in Maine for Work and for Pleasure” runs from July 3 through 18 at her Back Cove Studio located at 1396 Back Cove Road, Waldoboro.

A native Mainer, Kigel grew up with canoes and rowboats on ponds and streams. After she moved to her Muscongus Bay studio home, she fell in love with lobster boats and sailboats. This show features boats from Back Cove, Waldoboro, as well as Pemaquid Point, Newfoundland, Latvia and China, reflecting her travels to those places.

Visitors can view these paintings online at and in person by appointment only, following CDC health guidelines. For more information, email, or call 832-5152.

Jean Kigel Exhibits ‘Midsummer Solstice Latvian Style’

Jean Kigel’s “Farmers’ Market Latvia.”

This year, Jean Kigel announces both an opening and a closing: the opening her Back Cove Studio in Waldoboro and the closing of her Brick House Gallery, which was also in Waldoboro.

This summer, Kigel will present her paintings thematically on a bi-weekly basis both digitally and onsite at Kigel Studio, 1396 Back Cove Road, Waldoboro.

Her first theme show celebrates the midsummer solstice Latvian style, with paintings of her travels to Latvia. Kigel’s four grandparents were born in Latvia, and her parents grew up in the United States, speaking both Latvian and English. On the June solstice, or Jāņi, Latvian people wear floral wreaths and gather to eat Latvian food, drink beer, sing folksongs and light bonfires. The bonfires symbolize ancient fertility rites. Each June, Jāņi is celebrated both in Latvia and with the Latvian diaspora in the United States, Canada, Argentina and Australia.

Kigel’s Latvian Midsummer Jāņi show runs from June 19 through July 3. Visitors can view these paintings online at and in person, by appointment, following Maine’s CDC guidelines. For more information, email, or call 832-5152.

Tidemark Gallery Celebrates Fourteenth Birthday

Monarchs and Milkweed, painted wood, André Benoit

It’s a party, from 4 to 7 on Saturday, October 12, at Tidemark in Waldoboro featuring guest artist (back by popular demand) André Benoit. The humor and whimsy of his dimensional wooden sculptural assemblages are built upon a depth of serious art-making knowledge and skills.

“On The Comic Side” Exhibit at Philippe Guillerm Gallery

“Riding Solo” Acrylic on wood by Philippe Guillerm

One of the “hottest” and most contemporary art mediums is at the Philippe Guillerm Gallery for this September ArtWalk Waldoboro! A combination of popular, fine art, visual, and literary art, “On the Comic Side” brings out sculptor and painter Philippe Guillerm’s lighter side with his “comic art” paintings. Guillerm will be on hand to explain why this genre has been enjoying widespread interest and has undergone dynamic changes over the past few years. As another special feature for the ArtWalk, he will also be autographing copies of his graphic novel, “Bobby the Buoy, the Maine Adventures”, while copies last. In addition to these special pieces for “On the Comic Side”, Guillerm’s deep sea paintings and well-known Caribbean sculptures will also be on display.

Saturday September 14th from 4pm-7pm  – 882 Main Street, Waldoboro ME

Waldoboro ArtWalk Saturday, August 10


Look for the ArtWalk flags on Saturday, August 10th from 4 – 7 pm as Waldoboro celebrates its August ArtWalk! Now boasting 23 participants and supporting businesses (all within a short walk or drive), this town wide event now includes venues such as a farm, theatre, bookstore, antique shop, art galleries, artist studio, gift stores, eateries, and more. Stop by one of the participating businesses to check out their ArtWalk event and to pick up an ArtWalk map and event list. Enjoy original art in its many forms, locally produced cheeses, theatre tours, live music, great food, and special ArtWalk discounts. Bring your disc golf equipment and play a game or two on a beautiful course. Add to that Waldoboro’s free and easy parking and no-traffic –jam drives to your favorite spots for a fun evening out.For more information @ or FB page

Tidemark Gallery Presents Works by Barbara Vanderbilt

Pathway, pastel on paper, Barbara Vanderbilt

Barbara Vanderbilt at Tidemark Gallery for August ArtWalk Waldoboro. Opening Saturday, 10 August, from 4 to 7pm. “The Language of Stone” is a tour de force exhibition of Barbara Vanderbilt’s feeling for the material. Whether it’s Maine granite or Southwestern sandstone, Vanderbilt can almost bring these rocks to life in pastels on paper. Visitors will be able to meet the artist as well as enjoying her work.