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Littlefield Gallery opens for the season on May 28

“Schoodic Point,” by Roy Germon.

Artists Roy Germon and Amy Bernhardt will be the featured artists at Littlefield Gallery from May 28 through June 21.

Roy Germon’s paintings are more likely to rely on the strength of a broad brushstroke over a finely drawn detail of the landscape. Invented color relationships often win out over a more exact palette found in nature. Though many of the locations in his paintings have emotional significance to him, ultimately his paintings are ideas of those places, transformed by systems of organization and mark making. Roy’s manipulation of “place” is both intentional and intuitive and the most successful works comprise equal parts observation, imagination and discovery.

“Opus Pocus,” by Amy Bernhardt.

In 2012, Amy Bernhardt moved to Deer Isle from Boston, leaving behind her partnership in a large architectural firm to make painting her career. With that move came a transition from largely representational paintings to abstract ones, which better express and elicit feelings about the subject of her work. More than purely replicating a place or object, what captures her imagination is conveying its meaning or the feelings it arouses. Many of her pieces are informed by her architectural background, so there is something of an order to them, but that is mixed with her experience on the Maine coast, where raw beauty and irregularities inevitably make their way into the work.

Littlefield Gallery is at 145 Main St., Winter Harbor. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. Call 207-838-4174, or email for more information.

Littlefield Gallery presents Annual Online Holiday Show

Daniel Anselmi “1958”

Featuring some of Maine’s most distinguished artists and sculptors, the 12th Annual Holiday Show highlights new work including paintings by Caren-Marie Michel, Amy Pollien, Sarah Faragher, Daniel Anselmi,  Scott Baltz, Joseph Haroutunian, Kathleen Galligan, Amy Bernhardt, Roy Germon, Katia Mason, Rachael O’Shaughnessy, and John David O’Shaughnessy. Pictured is Daniel Anselmi’s “1958,” artist-painted paper collage 27″ x 27″ image in 36″ x 36″ matted frame.
The gallery is open December-May by appointment or chance.  Open daily from May-November. Jane and Kelly Littlefield welcome your calls at 207-963-6005 for more information.

‘Caren-Marie Michel: Maine’s Four Seasons’ opens at Littlefield Gallery

“Schoodic Point, Acadia,” by Caren-Marie Michel.

“Maine’s Four Seasons,” a solo show of seascapes by Caren-Marie Michel, is on exhibit at Littlefield Gallery from Sept. 14 through Oct. 13.

Caren-Marie Sargent Michel was born in Portland and is a lifelong Maine resident. Michel’s work explores the urban, industrial and pastoral images of Maine and documents the ever-changing landscape in paint. Michel is a devoted plein-air painter working in acrylic and pastel on locations all over Maine and New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada. Michel often portrays a location through series capturing different seasons or times of day with changing light and color. Michel is treasurer and past president of Westbrook Arts & Culture (Maine), past president of the Pastel Painters of Maine and past treasurer of the Union of Maine Visual Artists. Michel is treasurer of the Warren Memorial Foundation and a Director of the Cornelia Warren Community Association.

Michel studied painting with Esther Barney in Portland for six years and earned a BFA in painting from Portland School of Art in 1978 (now Maine College of Art), where she studied with Bill Collins, Ed Douglas and Johnnie Ross. Michel returned to painting and exhibiting in 2000 after a 16-year banking career. Michel’s work has been selected for juried shows in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Colorado and Washington.

“The Downeaster” and “Got Paint” were included in “2018 Paintings of Portland,” by David Little and Carl Little (Down East Books). Michel’s work “Bangor and AR” was included in David Little’s book “Art of Katahdin” (Down East Books, 2013) and “A Mountain Rises: The Art of Katahdin” at the University of New England Art Gallery (2013).

In 2015, Michel’s work was on display in the Maine State Capitol in Augusta as the Artist in the Capitol solo exhibition through the Maine Arts Commission. Her first international solo exhibition, “New Brunswick Panorama” was shown in 2013 at the Saint John Arts Centre, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

In 2008, Michel was commissioned to paint three large landscape paintings for the new Mercy Hospital Fore River building’s main lobby in Portland, Maine and has been commissioned for work at Maine Medical Center and other Maine Health Care facilities.

Dan West’s bronze and driftwood-inspired sculpture will also be featured at Littlefield Gallery in this celebration of the ever-changing beauty of Maine’s coast.

Littlefield Gallery is at 145 Main St., Winter Harbor. Call 207-838-4174, or email for more information.

Littlefield Gallery shows paintings by Marc Leavitt and Joan Freiman and sculpture by Hugh Lassen

Littlefield Gallery

Littlefield Gallery’s third show of the season features work by painters Marc Leavitt and Joan Freiman and sculptor Hugh Lassen.

Marc Leavitt’s “Garden Series” exemplifies his approach to creating art. Color represents an overriding concern — with particular excitement occurring when color relationships offer problems that require continual exploration, layering and refinement. Building up surfaces, including using predetermined colors that seem “wrong” in relation to other colors and forms in a painting, he spends weeks in the studio to pursue making artworks “right” as objects of aesthetic beauty.

Leavitt’s paintings and works on paper have been placed in U.S. and international collections and featured in Architectural Digest, Boston Common, The Boston Globe, and other publications. Selected juried exhibitions include several at the Cambridge Art Association (with Director’s Choice, Honorable Mention and National Prize Show recognitions), the I-95 Triennial — From Connecticut to Maine at the University of Maine Museum of Art, and CMCA’s Work to Collect Now.

The Maine landscape has had a major influence on Joan Freiman’s work, as it is here in Maine that she began to paint her surroundings and to develop her language, enabling her to communicate on paper and canvas what she sees and feels. Though she uses the landscape as her source, Freiman transcends the literal interpretation and engages the viewer in seeing something they may see daily in a different way. She considers her landscapes stages upon which she interprets form, color and movement. “I paint because it provides me great pleasure and it connects me with the natural world,” she says.

Freiman’s work is included in many public and private collections, and her work has been included in several prestigious juried shows three decades.

Hugh Lassen’s sculpture can be seen in numerous public and private venues. His six-foot sculpture “Totem” is the centerpiece for the newly-created Warren Memorial Sculpture Garden in Westbrook. Another sculpture, “Crocodile,” carved from soapstone, was selected as one of the nine works of art included in the Warren Garden initiative.

Among his other public pieces are “Elephant,” a 4-ton sculpture made from a glacial erratic, and “Sea Form,” created with slate  from Monson. Both sculptures are sited at the UMaine Buchanan Alumni Building in Orono. Jesup Memorial Library in Bar Harbor purchased a large sculpture five years ago that graces the grounds of this historic building.

Individuals throughout New England, New York and as far south as Virginia, have added Hugh’s sculpture to their collections.

“I find that my own sculptural aims revolve around mass, bulk, weight, in a phrase, ponderable form,” he says. “For many years, I’ve studied the figure using a range of exercises to develop my sense of touch. From these efforts and from my experiences carving, I realize that, despite being an abstract sculptor, my work is founded on human and animal forms.”

Littlefield Gallery is at 145 Main St., Winter Harbor. The gallery is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, email the gallery at, or call 207-963-6005. Find the online at

Littlefield Gallery Presents ‘Surpassing the Ordinary’

“Granite Stack, Schoodic,” by Sarah Faragher.

Littlefield Gallery presents “Surpassing the Ordinary,” an exhibit of paintings and sculpture featuring artists Sarah Faragher, Mark Herrington and Joseph Haroutunian.

Plein-air artist Sarah Faragher paints memories of her experiences with nature. “Through painting, I participate in the landscape, recognize transcendent moments in nature, honor the integrity of natural forms, and describe where my heart lives,” she says. “I often feel as if the places I paint have commissioned me to tell their autobiographies, at the same time that I tell my own.”

Sculptor Mark Herrington is inspired by glacial erratics that are ubiquitous in the Maine trout streams and ponds. “Using the material as the starting point in developing form, each piece is as individual as the stone that I begin with,” he explains. “I bring aesthetic rigor with a passion for minimalism to find something beyond and within the material itself.”

Joseph Haroutunian will show his abstract paintings. As former director of the Bowdoin College Art Museum, Katy Kline describes, “The colors, moods and forms of the Maine landscape inspire and infect Haroutunian’s paintings. If his canvasses do not constitute landscape portraits, they nonetheless serve as persuasive metaphors for the way landscape is experienced. Like the painter, the viewer is engulfed by sensory experience, plunged into fields of flux and flow.”

The show runs June 22 to July 19. The gallery, located at 145 Main St., Winter Harbor, is open daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and by appointment. Call 207-838-4174 or email for more information. Addition details are available online at

Whopaints Opens Gallery in the Garden with Concert

Gordon T. Ward will perform a Facebook Live concert from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. June 10 in whopaints whopaints Gallery and Studio’s Gallery in the Garden. Ward is a singer-songwriter and author living in Maine. Information can be found at

Whopaints will be open this summer as an outdoors-only Gallery in the Garden.

Watch a virtual tour of the new iteration of whopaints.

Littlefield Gallery presents “David Estey: Improvisations virtual show”

David Estey: Improvisations virtual show is now available on

Rearranging the Deck Chairs  acrylic on panel  18″ x 24 “

“My work may seem purely improvisational, an abstract exploration of marks on a surface that justify themselves. Yet it is so much more. As a Mainer, I cannot escape the serene beauty of the snowy fields, the blue-black waters and the rugged coast; the harsh realities of life here; or the Down East sense of humor – not to mention the major issues facing humanity. They all are a visceral part of my work.

     I don’t consciously intend to address those issues, they bubble up in the creative process. Although I paint with no pre-conceived notions or expected outcomes, years of extensive study and experience inevitably produce something new and surprising. I have fun using brushes, pencils, pens, putty knives, rollers and sticks to apply, remove and reapply the paint to canvas, paper or panels, sometimes adding collage. I work all the elements and principles of design to create a visually exciting whole. I love the process – the way the paint goes down, the look of thick impastos and thin glazes, the similarity to textured collagraphs and rich aquatints, the search for new forms and the emergence of intriguing narratives. I embrace the influence of Willem de Kooning and Pablo Picasso.

My finished pieces are sometimes nonrepresentational but more often, oddly narrative. Regardless, they always celebrate the rich use of color and texture or a handsome treatment of black & white and an innovative exploration of form.

In the end, I step back in wonder and think, “Wow, look at that,” often feeling changed and elevated.”

Littlefield Gallery Presents “Ben Lincoln: Interface”


Littlefield Gallery in Winter Harbor presents, Ben Lincoln: Interface.

August 19 – September 15   Artist’s Reception Saturday, August 31, 4-6 pm

My paintings feature a variety of subjects in styles that range from realism to abstraction to my own brand of expressive surrealism, with approaches that prioritize both the aesthetic and the allegorical. Consistent throughout all of my work is love of craft, dedication to material and a desire to connect visual perception with emotion. 

Ben Lincoln was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and grew up on the coast of Maine. He earned a diploma from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston where he studied painting in the studio Domingo Barreres. He continued his studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University with a year of independent study as part of the school’s Fifth Year Program. For that work, he was awarded a prestigious traveling fellowship and accompanying exhibition of work at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.



Embracing a variety of subject matter, from representation to abstraction, Lincoln’s work rests somewhere between the real and the imagined, but is always anchored in his devotion to the craft of painting .

In this new body of work for his solo show titled “Interface,” he considers the effects of the extension of mind and how he visualizes that in his art. One of the biggest single features of this extension is a change in the relationship between the internal self and the external world of objects.

Littlefield Gallery opens for the 2019 Season


Littlefield Gallery in Winter Harbor is open for the season featuring artists Amy Pollien and Amy Bernhardt.


Amy Bernhardt “Certainty of Tides” oil pastel matted and framed 28 x 28



Amy Pollien “Bouquet with Botanical Print” oil on panel 36 x 24

whopaints Gallery and Studio Winter Classes

Premise: The Artist as Truth Seeker and Perception Conveyor

Thursday afternoons 3-5:00.

Feb 7th – Drawing Fundamentals
Feb 14th- Oil painting: colors and mediums,
Feb 21st- Starting a Figure Drawing
Feb 28th- Assessment of a piece

They are free. Each can be taken alone, however all 4 will build to final class.
For more information on each session visit